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Principles of “gestalt” as applied to layout

by on September 12, 2011

Thanks to HFI for another interesting newsletter:
Designing Naturally With Gestalt in Mind

Principles of “gestalt” as applied to layout:
1. Law of Focal Point (Visual attributes that control focus)
2. Law of Similarity
3. Law of Proximity
4. Law of Common Region (Law of “Pragnantz (‘Good Form’)”)
5. Law of Connectedness (“Law of Unity/Harmony”)
6. Law of Balance/Symmetry
7. Law of Continuation
8. Law of Closure
9. Law of Figure-Ground
10. Law of Isomorphic Correspondence
11. Law of Simplicity

View the newsletter for definitions and design examples. (Although, I don’t agree with their design examples and analysis… They seem to me to be forcing a square into a circle to demonstrate these laws. The bottom navigation tools lack coherent grouping, and mixes type with graphics in a way that actually increases cognitive load. That was my unsolicited opinion!)


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